Developing a Post-Liberal Grounding for Political Economy

XKCD knows what’s up

What is “Economics”

What puts the “Political” in “Political Economy”

Sarah Taber also knows what’s up

Who Decides Who Gets to Own What (and What Does “Own” Even Mean)?

  1. Ownership by Rite: Ownership by Declaration from the Sovereign/State/Government.
  2. Ownership by Initial Productive Use: You own something once you have productively used it once, so long as no one else has used (or, more accurately, used and claimed) it before.
  3. Ownership by Persistent Productive Use: Very similar to the previous criteria but with a major difference: to maintain ownership, you must consistently use whatever you are using (how this works with different kinds of property, such as land vs capital, will be dealt with in a future post(s))

Why Are We Producing This? And Who Gave You the Right to Decide Why?

So Where Does This Leave Us?




Building Post-Liberal Theory. 🌲 🏴‍☠️.

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Building Post-Liberal Theory. 🌲 🏴‍☠️.

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