Capital’s Fragility: A Discussion Inspired by Nassim Taleb

A typical corporate boardroom (Source:

My first Intro to Taleb

Taleb on Overoptimization and Fragility

Source: (Also a good thread)
Source: **(Taleb also clarifies that Insurance = “Redundancies in Structures” in a reply to this post)**

Discussing Localism, Overoptimization, and Fragility

YES! (Source:

Taleb’s Guidelines for an Anti-Fragile system

Yes, “freedom of choice” is utter nonsense in any sense of the term. But, ignoring that, at least Taleb is laying out a clear path to Subsidiarity and the common good (Source:

Some Issues I See

“The Capitalist’s Fork”: An Inescapable Dilemma for Capitalist Localists

Thanos = The Capitalist’s Fork :(

Truly Establishing and Defending Localism: How can we do it?




Building Post-Liberal Theory. 🌲 🏴‍☠️.

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Building Post-Liberal Theory. 🌲 🏴‍☠️.

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