A Brief Interlude: My Next Goals

Hello everyone.

My next piece on political economy will need to wait a couple days, as I am busy dealing with a few things IRL. Instead, I want to keep you updated on what the plan is for the coming weeks as I complete the political economy series and move on to new topics.

First, the political economy series will roughly have the following structure as it completes:

Section 1: New Foundations of Political Economy (Parts 1–4)

Section 2: Why Capitalism Works (Parts 5–7/8)

Section 3: Why Capitalism Doesn’t Work (Parts 7/8–11/12)

Section 4: The Ethical and Philosophical Principles that Guide Me With Regards to Economics (Parts 11/12 — ??)

Section 5: The Logistics and Mechanisms of my New System, Laid Out in Full, Complete with Examples, etc. (Parts ?? — ??)

Following that, I will be engaging with a set of new pieces beginning to build around a pair of new projects:

  1. Systematizing my Critiques of Liberalism (as a philosophical school and way of thinking)
  2. Presenting my Meta-Ethical Principles

In the process of doing so, I believe I will be presenting a set of pieces:

  1. A novel defense of legalized gay marriage using a prudential theory of the State
  2. A novel argument in favor of Queer principles and in opposition to gender roles using a theory of the Person as moral agent
  3. A discussion of police abolition
  4. A defense of the decriminalization/legalization of (at least some) drugs

There may be other pieces sprinkled in. I would like to expand on my defense of the JTB account of knowledge against Gettier Problems, and I would like to further elaborate on my responses to the Problem of Evil (in each of its forms) and its derivative Problems.

But that is roughly where I’m going with this blog in the coming weeks. Political Economy first, then on to ethics and Liberalism. Building a new Post-Liberal Left will be immensely important for the coming decades. That is all.

Building Post-Liberal Theory. 🌲 🏴‍☠️.